Welcome to the Homestead!

It’s so hard to pick a favorite farm ani

Hi, Friends! My name is Amber and I'm the creator of Dolled Up & Muddy. My family and  I started a homesteading journey in 2018 and we haven't looked back since.

 I have been a stay at home mom for 10 years now. I am a total plant nerd, crazy flock lady and chaser of beautiful egg rainbows. My favorite season is summer, but I have come to embrace all the seasons since homesteading. I am kind, caring, and will give the shirt off my back. I am a social butterfly who also loves to be home or camping in our camper. I love everything nature has to offer (besides snakes). Gardening tends to be my therapy and milk chocolate is my weakness! Shopping at Target gets me in trouble (every trip) and beach combing replenishes my soul.


So why "Dolled Up and Muddy?" Well, dolled up because I love fashion, make-up (especially red lipstick), cowgirl boots, and a cute hat. Muddy because at the end of the day, there is dirt under my nails, mud on my jeans, and dust on my shirt. You will easily find me alongside my hubby playing with power tools and building all the things. I like being a mix of a girly girl and a tom boy. All in all, I thought "Dolled Up & Muddy" was a fun way to represent myself. Since quarantine  "Hot Mess & Muddy" would probably be more accurate. LOL

Mr. Freckled Feather and I have been married close to 10 Years and have made a pretty great team. I grew up on a produce farm and he had zero farming experience. He really dove in to our little homestead and I couldn't be more proud. We are raising two beautiful wildflowers and a handsome cowboy who really enjoy running around the homestead. Currently we have an English Bulldog (Ceaser), cat (Petrie), 14 chickens, a guinea hen, 7 ducks, multiple raised garden beds, and 2 coops. A greenhouse is the next structure on the homestead and hopefully we can be started this fall. Fingers crossed! We hope to add bees, goats, a pet pig, miniature donkey, and fruit trees to the homestead over time. I'm sure I'll be adding more to that list as we go!

We moved here in 2014 just after our youngest was born. As a wedding gift, my parents gave us a piece of their 20+ acre farm to build our forever home on. Now we reside on a hill next to both my parents and my sisters. As soon as we could put a garden in, we did! I started to really enjoy those wonderful benefits a garden had to offer. After 3 years of being here, we pondered the idea of having chickens for fresh eggs. Everything started to unfold from there. The next step was making it official by naming our homestead. Coming up with a name wasn't easy because everyone had their own opinions! Our family of five all have freckles and the idea of freckles are near and dear to my heart. Feathered friends were the first animal on the homestead and they just perfectly went together. That's how Freckled Feather Homestead came to be.