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Coop Cleaner

This DIY cleaner is frugal, smells good, and works great!

One of the top questions I get is, “What cleaners do you use for your coop?” I sense of a little bit of a shock when I tell people I make it. This recipe costs pennies to the dollar and I promise you will love using it. The cleaner is not only perfect for the coop but can be used in the house, too!

Note: Do not use vinegar based cleaners on metal surfaces. It will tarnish and react to the metal.

“As you get comfortable with the process, it‘s fun to start playing with different citrus and herbs to infuse the vinegar.”

What you will need:

Part 1

White distilled vinegar

Orange peels (I save orange peels in a container tucked in the freezer till I have enough)

Rosemary or lavender (optional)

Mason jar or any glass jar with lid

Part 2:

Jar of infused vinegar

Food strainer Spray bottle


Directions: 1. Pack the glass jar with orange peels and rosemary till it is about 2-3 inches from the brim. Wide mouth jars are easier to pack but if you have trouble, a wooden spoon can help you gently press the peels into the jar.

2. Fill the jar with vinegar until the peels are all the way submerged. Place the lid on the jar and put in the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks. The wait can be hard but so worth it!

Part 2:

1. After at least 6 weeks, it’s time to remove and discard the remnants. Place food stainer over a bowl and strain the liquid out. Go ahead and put the infused vinegar back in the empty jar. Infused vinegar jar Can be stored under the sink or in your pantry.

2. Add 1 part infused vinegar and 1 part water to a spray bottle, then have fun cleaning the coop!

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