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DIY Hanging Strawberry Planter

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

This project is easy, beautiful, and will have juicy berries for you to conveniently pick.

With the uncertainty of everything in the world right now, my brain has gone into a little bit of survival mode. Yet, my heart and porch yearn for those gorgeous flowering hanging baskets. I need things to be beautiful and practical.

My berry patch was getting over crowded. Ethel's leaves were touching June’s and Lucy’s roots where....Well, i’ll save her the embarrassment (I swear I’m not a crazy plant lady)! I started to carefully dig up the berry runners. Thats when I had the “AHA” moment of creating hanging berry planters for my porch.

So...let’s get to it!


Hanging wire basket w/ coco liner

Potting soil or compost

Sharp scissors or box cutter knife

Alpine strawberry plants or any compact varieties (runner berries are fine too, they just might get a little wild)

Organic fertilizer


”growing strawberries in a hanging basket not only keeps berries cleaner, but keeps ground pests like ants from ruining them.”

Step 1:

Fill planter with soil to a half inch below the brim. If your soil needs a little fertilizer, this is the time to add what the organic fertilizer package recommends. I used compost.

Step 2:

Use sharp scissors or box cutter knife to place holes in the sides of the coco liner. Holes should be centered in between each wire section. My planter had 6 sections.

Step 3:

Gently plant strawberries in the holes created. Add extra soil on the top of the roots to secure plant in place.

Once plants are secured it should start to look like the picture below. Continue till all holes are planted around the sides.

Step 4: Now for the top! Looking directly at the top of the planter (like a pie). You will want to plant a strawberry plant in between the plants on the side. This will ensure you don't disturb the root ball of the plants you already planted. Add one last plant to the center and a little extra soil if needed. My planter took 5 plants for this part.

Step 5: Snip any discolored or dead leaves and stems. This will help encourage new root and foliage growth. Give the plants a nice drink of water as needed. Hang planter, and enjoy!

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